Black Excellence

I love to see my people strive and succeed through life. To see them set their standards very high is a big accomplishment for them and I’m happy to see them win. They won’t take no for an answer no matter what obstacle they have to face in order to get to where they want. They dream big and make sure they are doing everything right to be the best person they can be. I love how my people take advantage of their freedom that they have in their modern day compared to our people over a half century ago. Their ancestors fought hard for our future generations to have a better lifestyle and to hopefully make something out of it one day. It is important for my people to continue to hold their heads high and never look backwards from where they are at prior to their success.

My people seem to have an ignorant target on their back from others believing they’re not smart enough to accomplish the things that they’re accomplishing. Others look at their circumstance and believe they’re not good enough, they don’t think big, or they don’t pay much attention to detail. They tend to look at my people on television and social media showing inappropriate behavior and they get the picture that we all share the same actions and tendencies. In reality, all of these stereotypical perspectives of my people are just wrong. Little do they know, my people work extremely hard to overcome their obstacles and demand respect from the other cultures of the world.

Although they do not live the same luxurious life as others may have been given, they still live in good households and are pushed to the limit by their parents to be as great as they can be. A lot of my people have different personalities, different intentions, and different ambitions. They do not want to be overlooked and not recognized when it comes to success. Most of them later on in life have prospered to become doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, psychologists, Journalists, etc. My people are just as smart as anyone whenever they can put their mind to anything they want to. They take much pride in what they do and do not take anything for granted. Because of their skin color, they sometimes have to work twice as hard because they may have been discriminated by others believing that they weren’t knowledgeable enough. But that’s okay because when they stay disciplined and remain focused, they eventually achieve whatever it is they want to.

I know that it is my job to change the perspective of my people to other cultures and show them how they strive just like many others and they function the same as well. At the end of the day, I know that my people will continue to strive for greatness and I hope they continue to stay strong in the future ✊🏾.


Big Brother

He was 5 years older than me. I always looked up to him and wanted to be just like him when I got older. We both had neither one of our fathers in our lives, so we were never able to have a father figure to teach us right from wrong. The way that we had to learn how to become men were from our personal experiences and moving in certain directions that we believed were good. My brother always told me to stay in school and to continue to keep my grades up. He wanted to see me one day become successful and overcome my boundaries. We grew up in a poor neighborhood where the other guys on our block began to sell drugs. Most of the guys we knew are not here today due to them getting caught up in a bad situation that caused them to get killed on the streets. My brother taught me to not be like the guys we grew up with and learn to stand on my own and go my own direction in life. One thing that I can say about my brother is that he was always there for me when I needed him. He never allowed anyone else to mess with me because he never wanted to see me upset or hurt. He might have been the most loyal person I ever met and he never steered me wrong no matter what. When we both got older and he was in his 20’s, he gave me the blueprint to life and told me how to be happy and live life regardless of what goes on. He gave me the best advice that day and I told myself to always remember what he said to me as I got older. Then, one day, I got a phone call with devastating news. I found out my big brother was killed in a car accident and my heart dropped the second I found out. I felt how could the most important person of my life just be gone in that second. Then I also remembered the time told me about life and to always be happy about it. So I humbled myself and cheered myself up as I would always cherish the moments I had with him now that he was gone. I have a younger brother that is only a couple years younger than I am. He looks up to my big brother and I so much that he wants to be exactly like us. Now with my oldest gone so soon, it’s time for me to fill in his shoes and become the big brother to my younger brother that he was to me. I have to make sure that I teach this young man everything right from wrong and guide him in the best position that can lead him to success. It’s crazy to believe that I am now the big brother and I’m the one that has to lead by example, but everything happens for a reason and I’m happy to have this position now. I will miss my big brother forever, and I hope when he died he realized what a great big brother he once was. Now it is my turn to keep his legacy alive and become the best big brother that I can be.


I have a journey to walk on a rope to reach the other end.

There’s no other way across so I do this instead

Trying my best to walk in a perfect direction

I know while getting there I should not seek perfection

As I approach the middle, I begin to stumble

I tend to get scared but remember to remain humble

I see finishing this task will be no joke

But I can’t stop now so I give myself hope

We’re almost to the end and not looking to stop

When I make it to the other side I’ll feel like I’m on top

I’m starting to feel satisfied now that I’m almost here

Once this finally ends I can’t wait to tell my peers

As I finally make it to the other side I feel empowered

To finally reach my potential at the top of the hour

All I did was stay focused and remained on task

But I was confident anyways so no one will have to ask

This will be an accomplishment that will be with me forever

But I think I should do it again because I know I can do better.

Product Of My Environment

Born into poverty. Single mother and no father to be seen, I was brought up to believe that grown men were meant to not be shit in the world. Walking outside your house everyday watching five cop cars surround your neighborhood everyday was droughtful. At night I would hear gunshots fire and people screaming. Looking out my window I was scared that one day I would be on the other side of that gun and drastically falling down to the ground. As I became older I had no choice but to become a product of my streets. My family and friends were all apart of this game so I believed that it was time to follow in everyone’s footsteps. I knew it wasn’t right, but being surrounded by violence every day made me become accustomed to the streets I was raised in. I dedicated myself to this game when I was 13. I dropped out of school, got kicked out of my moms house, and even saved up to buy my own gun to officially give my all to the game. Everybody I was outside with eventually became my brothers. We would laugh, joke, smoke, and share the same women as we all built a bond with one another that couldn’t be broken no matter the circumstance. I wanted to have their back at all times if they were in time of need. Unfortunately, I couldn’t protect all of them as there were some situations that were out of my hand. One brother died of HIV, another died from getting shot on his front porch, the anger inside of me fueled me to get revenge from the people who took my family away. I wanted to kill the ones who took my brother, but my conscious was telling me it was time for a change. It was time to make things right for myself before anything would happen to me. And I did just that. I later graduated from the school of hard knocks and put myself in a better position. Now I’m stress free not having to worry about myself being in harms way. Even though I’ve evolved, I continue to carry my past on my sleeve to this day. For anyone who wants to get to know me, just acknowledge that my neighborhood made me the person that I am today and that can never change.

New Year New Me… Nah B!

Can’t change who you are just because it’s a new calendar year. Never make a resolution that you know you can’t keep. January 1 not gonna mean shit to me if I’m still gonna be in the same situation that I was in on December 31. Yes it would be a fresh start and it is a new time frame in life; but it shouldn’t take a new calendar year to make a change for yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and take a close look. Ask yourself what it takes to change the way you are, the way you act. A lot of y’all say that you would rather wait til January 1 to make that change and it’s November 28 at the moment. That second you reflect is the perfect position to make adjustments with your life and carry it on from then on out. Time waits for no man and you can’t keep dragging your life away trying to find out what’s best for you. Because in a matter of no time a year will quickly pass by and you’ll find yourself sitting there in the same situation wondering where did all the time go. Reflect on yourself and think of what you could do to be a better version of you. Take the time to meditate and refresh your memory with positive thoughts and a humble mindset. January 1 doesn’t have to be the day for new beginnings, any second is the right time to make a change.


Trying to use my knowledge to help others grow. Wanting to learn from others to teach others as well. So many people like myself are lost and have no way to grow and prosper. It is my job to guide them to the right path of success. To show them everything they could have if they just run an extra mile. At one point I was in their shoes. Wanting to succeed so bad, I would have done anything to get myself through the door and have everyone acknowledge me. I had to learn that everything takes patience and time to process. Now that I am on top and have reached my peek, I want to help those under me get acknowledged at what their great at. My platform is a huge honor to have and I’m destined to lift those who are rising from the bottom below!

Letter To Love

It’s been a while since I last talked to you

Now that we meet again I would like for us to speak

There’s various things I want to learn from you

The way you maneuver and spread around the world

You tend to be contagious in a good and bad way

But I admire how you make an effect on everyone

There is a warm feeling for another when you’re there

And the feeling brings out everyone’s true emotions

But we cannot forget the damage you’ve put on people

You forced people to believe that you weren’t real

Causing everyone to believe you never existed

At one point I was one of those people

I once began to hate you and wanted to avoid you

You stabbed me and gave me scars all over my body

Now that I am older I grew an understanding for you

Learning that you letting me down was just a lesson

A lesson to become stronger and become better

I’m more comfortable being around you now

Which is why I’m happy to have a sit down with you

Can you show me how to be more caring

Help me be more considerate for others

Show me that passion and loyalty is the answer

And that anger can get me nowhere

I’m happy you forgave me and we can move on

I’m ready to learn the true meaning of you, “Love”